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Of course proper upbringing of children are what is so difficult for some people mostly single mothers

But being a single mother, you should know that you will be strong enough to perform both the duty of father as well as mother.

So being a single mother, parenting challenges increases greatly and if you are not extraordinarily careful your children might be a victim of your own circumstances and their lives will end up being equal to to that of yours or absolutely looking like yours.

Well before going to single parents let's talk first on normal couples and end it up with single parents.

Of course the way we raise our children will determine how they will behave in the society.
There are things their teachers in schools will never have the opportunity to take them through, parents are give children proper home training from home before getting to school.

Teach them these following:

✅How to manage opposite sex.
✅ Relationships between siblings that are opposite sex, limitations between male and female siblings as well as friends.
✅ Properly educate all your children about sex don't hide anything for them this is 21st century, if patents fails to tell them the truth, when they get to the society or school they will be forced to learn it in the wrong ways. Time has passed, those days you will tell your male child that if you just touch the cloth of a girl she will automatically get pregnant. Let them know in full what it takes to be a man or a woman.

Tell them if you do this or that to a lady this is what will happen.

✅ Teach them how to respect female child, create that fears in the mind of your male children not to boo your females or females outside. Let them know that they are weaker vessels, teach them no matter what why they shouldn't hit them hard like they can do to males like them.

✅ Let the male children be more use to the father, there should be freedom to the father by a male child so that he can be free to say anything that is bothering his mind to his father when matters arise.

✅ Teach him also how to pray and have fears of God at early age because male children will always have a Lion's mind, they automatically have that believe they are about or superior to females. If you don't give them proper training they will misuse their personality to boo their female Siblings or outsiders.

✅ Let the females too be use to their mother side and let them be free to say anything in her minds to the mother.

Don't create unnecessary fears in the heart of your children, if they are not free they wouldn't be free to let you know when they are facing challenges in life that is difficult for them to handle and that can mislead them in life.

✅ Teach them how to identify responsible male and female friends. Don't force them to choose friends but let them know the type of people to be with as friends in life and how to choose LOVE.

✅Take some times to tell them your own stories and give them reasons they shouldn't take some steps like you because you have once experienced the bad side of it.

✅ Give them duties as a parent, so that they can know their responsibilities as a man and as a woman. Challenges of life can take them to any length just teach them everything and let them know the kinds of work that is normal for males and those that's meant for females, because when their wives not able to do it to their satisfaction, they should be able to help them out freely.

✅ Women, teach your male children to respect the father even you need to respect their father before them, even when he is not there with you. For example: Junior stop doing that if your father comes back he will beat you. Did you know that?

Allow them to have the fear of superior figure of the house in their heart always, which is their father.

If your children knows that their father is always the simple type, they will do their wish not what is right.

Do these to your male's children and female's too so that you can easily correct them when they want to grow winds and start acting naughty.

Let me stop there for normal couples and let's talk about single parents

Being a single parent is not a crime but you should know you carries the responsibility of both parents and it's common these days than before, these days we have many single mothers in our world today.

If you are one, how can you manage your children that they will grow up to be a responsible Fellows?

You as a single mother must learn how to make your child have fears for someone. It might be their teacher in school, uncle, or grandfather or someone close to you that is man enough and well disciplined. So that when they start misbehaving if you mention the name of the person they start to act Normal.

There should be a superior person in a child's life during their growth in life, because a children of these days if they don't have a good mentor they will become what is not normal. They must have that fear for someone.
Single parents should learn how to counsel their children alone mostly on what you did wrong or steps you follow that you don't want him or her to follow that can affect his or her life like Yours.

Teach your children how to pray as well and make sure your mistakes are not what they are repeating again.

Don't be too harsh on them when you see they are not doing what is right, correct your children with love and that is how they can get what you meant and still think about it Later.
life of a single parents is more like normal couples can't do.... let the only difference be that you doing it alone.... learn to do it all alone because that is the only option you have.

Stay safe and make other people around you safe too



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Thanks for the advice

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